love maths as an engineer, can code things and have insight in telecommunication industry, currently working as a software developer, into finance world


Hi, I'm Furkan Topal

Computer science has already changed each industry and it has significant impacts on living being, even on non-livings in its particular way. This sophistication, with its ability of making innovations, has deeply attracted me, so I feel that I would like to be a part of it. I want to be one of the people who are making contributions to development of the future and who are the decision makers in subjects that could affect all of humankind.

I had been a curious kid. I had been asking to everyone repeatedly “Why?”. And last Friday, I implemented a retrospective technique to my scrum team. The technique was, famously, called “5 Why”. I felt like that curios kid still asking “Why?” several times and not satisfying shallow reasons and trying to understand all the aspects. I have always been passionate about what I do. I think that’s the key. My educational background and self-learning perseverance made me critical thinker and diligent. I strongly believe in the importance of communication and collaboration. To keep my creativity alive, I easily deal with changes to learn new things and try to reinvent myself again and again. I think this essence will be the vital asset to have for the next decade to keep moving forward.

Just after graduation, I started to work as a software developer in Turkcell which is the leader of the telecommunication sector in Turkey. In here, my scrum team is spearheading developments of revenue assurance’s needs. Hence, we are collaborating with finance department. In addition to helping me obtain a deep understanding in telecommunication industry, it has enabled me to comprehend how to deal with big data. Also, I had the opportunity to use various new technologies and have in-depth backend programming experience which includes end-to-end development and deployment of software as well as witnessing corporate standards of software life-cycle in the real world scenarios.



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Istanbul, Turkey